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Hollywood Artist Adam Stone, The New York Optimist

My paintings are visceral manifestations of intimate journeys I take deep within my subconscious mind and body. My process often mirrors the magic of a free style dance where the raw power of impulse, instinct and trust riffs with an all too willing sense of freedom and unbridled imagination. The results are often like dreamscapes where narratives and characters slowly reveal themselves to me with each new brushstroke.   

I’ve been most recognized for my hyper-stylized, kinetic portrayals of urbanite hooligan’s, musicians and athletes. These early Contemporary Pop Figuratives were the perfect subjects for me to refine and cultivate my fascination to bend, twist and contort the perspectives of the human figure in motion. As an avid animal lover, many of my favorite furry friends have staked their claim amidst the compositions of these earlier figurative works. In the latest body of work, I’ve redirected the main focus from the figure to that of the animal realm.