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Adam Stone Q&A, The "In" Show

Adam Stone is one of L.A.'s finest artists. His work continues to be exhibited in distinguished galleries, estimable fine art exhibitions and numerous art festivals. (Case in point: Adam's art has been exhibiting in the prestigious Beverly Hills Art Show for over 20 years!) Having been raised in a home where everyone was tripping over each other's work, art is in his blood.

It was inevitable that Adam would find his own way.

His work has been described as contemporary, surreal and fantastical. He paints a little bit of everything - from musical to figurative to whimsical and more. His style is penetrating, telling, and each piece has its own voice. His pieces go so far as to evoke an awakening of both the senses and the sensibilities!

After seeing quite a few of Adam's pieces, it can honestly be said that his work is absolutely mesmerizing. He brings such life, gaiety and thought to his work. Whether you are an avid art collector or have yet to begin a collection, to own one of Adam Stone's pieces is a must.